SEAFLO Inflatable SUP board IBB110

Publish time:2023-08-11 16:38:34

·This paddle board is categorized as a racing/fast touring SUP–the stability of this board makes it suitable for fast riding and medium to long tours on the water. ·IBB110 Made of high-quality PVC material and it is constructed with drop stitch material, thousands of fibers that connect the top and bottom of the paddle board. This provides exceptional strength and rigidity, similar to a hard-sided board, while still keeping it lightweight, portable and easy to store. ·IBB110 has a removable center fin, allowing for directional stability as you maneuver the waters, and a non-slip traction pad to help with balance. The bungee on the SUP provides secure storage for your personal items while you are out on the water. ·Package comes with paddle board,paddle,leash,pump,backpack and repairing Kit. Additionally, users can choose to install the seat on the paddle board.

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