Who doesn't like kayaking that can both fish and play!

2020-03-10 17:39:15 seaflooutdoor 13

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Did you know? In our kayak family, fishing kayaks are called "specialized learning masters" because they possess the special skill of [fishing].

In the big family of kayaking, if you want to ask who is the most favored, no one may be able to answer, but to ask who has the most practical skills, the fishing kayak can properly stand out. In fact, to put it plainly, there is essentially no difference between a sit-on kayak and a fishing kayak. It is nothing more than a thicker and more stable fishing kayak, because the fishing kayak is designed with many accessories, the situation is different.

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Standing on the river bank to fish, the range is limited. In many cases, anglers have no choice but to go out to sea on speedkayaks and yachts,Without a sense of leisure and self-satisfaction, the fishing kayak solves this problem very well. It can be said to be the most enjoyable kayak in the kayak. Take the oars to the middle of the river or lake, put a fishing rod holder, lean on the cushion, quietly waiting for the fish to hook, drink a cup of coffee in your free time, and fish The fish that came up was thrown in o the freezer behind him, how pleasant such a life was.

Basic equipment: fishing bracket, fishing rod, stabilizer.

Tracking equipment: Fish GPRS positioning system, comfortable to wear, hats can be worn for sun protection, and gloves are non-slip. (After all, it is possible for the fish to [slide] away when the fish is in hand)

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Points for attention on fishing kayaks:

Step 1

Determine the escape direction of the fish. For example, if there is a branch on the left, the fish must escape forward. The direction of your row must be the same as the escape direction of the fish. After the fish bites the hook, if you are in the same direction, the pressure on the fishing line is small, and the threat that the fish feels is small, and it is not easy to get out of the hook.

Step 2

Find the best position to end the battle, use the fishing line to guide the hooked fish to that position, and shake the fish quickly and hard.

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